I’m Going to Africa

So you may have noticed things have been a little sparse around Strong Odors lately…

It’s practically excruciating sometimes to ignore the blog, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do (or whatever).

Besides working on a variety of graphic design projects, I put together my first set of limited edition prints for a local art/crafts fair. It was a great learning experience and I was so lucky to have a friend walk me through some of the steps that were terrifying to me (ordering frames, for example).

I’ll have those prints available to purchase online soon (I actually have some right now… just email me if you want details), but I’ve been putting my energy into another project over the past week.

I’m going to Africa.

About two years ago, a missions team from our church returned from a trip and shared their stories in the Sunday morning service. I can’t really describe the feelings that I was experiencing, but right then I knew that I would have to go on one of the trips.

This February is the first time since then that my friend Dave (who also happens to be National Director of Christ’s Hope International) is taking a team back to Africa, and I’m going to be there with my sister and a handful of other folks from around Michigan.

I created a new website to spread the word and to try to raise some funds (I need to raise $3,500 in support to cover my expenses). I’ll also be blogging over there some of my reasons for going, my goals for the trip, information about the places and people to whom I’ll be serving, etc.

Please check it out, pray for me as I prepare to go and consider making a contribution.

Stay Up-to-Date

I’ll be posting updates about the trip via Twitter and Facebook. So follow me there and encourage your friends to do the same.