Mascots freak me out man… Especially the cheap ones that you bump into at the county fair or the supermarket.

Funny thing is… I’ve always thought that I’d make a great mascot.  Like one of those NBA guys that you see launching off the mini-trampolines to the raucous cheers of thousands. I remember as a kid I saw that the Chicago Bulls were casting for their mascot “Benny.” Of course I loved the Bulls and thought this must be the absolute perfect job for me (besides “video-game-tester” of course).

I’m not sure what the attraction is… Maybe the very same thing that draws me to graphic arts. I could be standing next to someone admiring my work, with no idea that I was the artist behind it all… like my work is some kind of costume that I wear… my very own cartoony character that others identify with and understand and trust.

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