Scottie Pippen

The Year of Scottie Pippen

Scottie Pippen

Illustration by Troy DeShano

I’m not much into sports these days.

I love to play and if I’m ever walking down the street and a spontaneous game of hoops or soccer or whatever breaks out I’m armed with sneakers just in case.

But not volleyball… I make a conscious detour whenever I’m by the waterfront for fear that I’d somehow be tricked into a game of beach volleyball and lose the small commodum of respect that I’ve got in our town.

Of course I can’t really remember the last time I got caught up in a round of street ball while walking through town, in fact it’s been years since I’ve even shot hoops at all.

However… I was once a teenager and playing sports and watching sports and obsessing about sports all the time. (All three of which I realized as an adult were ultimately about girls.. something that hasn’t really come up in therapy yet, but I’m sure will sooner or later).

When I and my buddies would be playing pick-up or school games or big-man hoops on the low rims there would always be that moment where one of us would have his back up against the wall.

You’d be down big or need just one more hoop to make it to 21 or maybe just sick of missing your last few shots..

And whichever one of us it was would inevitably look over at the others and whisper “I’m gonna turn into Scottie Pippen.”

And the subsequent fury was a sight to behold because he was going for it… no matter how big the opponent, how high the rim or how impossible the shot… he was filled with the spirit of our favorite wing-man like Prince Adam conjuring the power of Grayskull.

When Tim turned to Scottie Pippen he’d usually end up humiliating some poor defender with a killer crossover and an impossible whirling-dervish shot… my channeling generally resulted in my shot being swatted into the backcourt.

But at least I went for it.

So I just celebrated my 33rd birthday and I’m claiming this as the year of Scottie Pippen.

I have no idea what the next 12 months have for me.. but Today had better watch out.

because I just turned into Scottie Pippen

I’m gonna take Today’s bulls by the horn and slam on his Patrick Ewing face.

Eat it, Today.

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