Four People I Dont Trust

4 People I Don’t Trust

A man in a tie

Anyone very close to me knows I have my fair share of character flaws, but I’m lucky to say that “judgemental” is not one of them. I tend to accept people where they are, regardless of how they look or what they have done or associations they might have.

There are, however a handful of people I have a really hard time trusting, based entirely on external, mostly illogical, totally unfair criteria. Can you relate to any of these untrustworthy characters?

1. A Man in a Tie

The tie is the most deceptive piece of clothing on earth as far as I’m concerned.

I have a hard time trusting anyone in a tie because I feel like I’m being subtly manipulated. Let’s face it, men wear ties so I will believe they are trustworthy. With a tie he hopes to manipulate my perception of him to that which he wants me to believe so I’ll benefit him in some way–purchase his product, enlist his services, hire him for the job, accept his offer, believe his message.

I don’t like to be manipulated.

This may have some connection to my youth as I was essentially taught to dress up, wear a tie so people will trust me. If you’re going to preach (I was told in college), you must wear a tie, because it makes you seem more trustworthy and people will be more likely to hear your message. You may not like to wear ties, but sacrificing some of your own comfort is worth it for the sake of the gospel!

(A portion of my Homiletics grade was allotted to dress/appearance when delivering a sermon.)

I couldn’t help but think of my teachers, “If I’m trying to convince others I can be trusted because of this tie, you must be doing the same to me right now.”

Note: The opposite is true of a lady in a tie. Annie Hall? Come on! I’d follow her anywhere.

People who expect to be called by his title

2. Anyone Who Expects to be Addressed by His Title

I have no problem with titles in general. I have friends who are doctors and reverends and chefs, and each one I’m proud of and earnestly believe they’ve earned the right to that title. However, there are some among this educated group who expect us lowly laypeople to address them as superiors, and it is they whom I just can’t trust.

When someone is so self-conscious they must constantly remind themselves and everyone around “I’m better than you,” by insisting on titular address, it is a red flag to me. If my doctor is thoroughly confident in his skill as a doctor, he shouldn’t feel threatened when I call him “Bill.”

News flash Bill. You are no better than me. You chose to become a doctor for specific reasons, and I chose not to pursue medicine for very specific reasons as well.

Titles, like ties, are often tools for controlling others, and I cannot trust anyone attempting to control me.

People who own birds

3. People Who Keep Birds as Pets

Because psychotic, obviously.

don't like spicy food

4. Those Who Dislike Spicy Food

This one I can’t really explain, other than the fact that spicy food is such a fundamental part of my life. It’s like fresh air or sunshine or cold water or a warm blanket.

I can’t imagine how someone could pass that up, so there must be something wrong there.

What do you think? Who do you have trouble trusting?