My Heart

Passionate About Nothing?

I’ve recently been doing some introspection about what—if anything—I’m really passionate. That word “passion” seems to be thrown around quite haphazardly to describe things one enjoys or appreciates, but to me passion means something much more, and isn’t a label I use lightly (if ever). Beyond my family and faith, I had a hard time considering even one thing I’d describe as a passion.

Even design, which has become part-and-parcel to my everyday life isn’t something about which I’d consider myself passionate. I enjoy and appreciate beautiful, effective or challenging design, but it’s not life-or-death for me. If I never saw or created another great piece of design, (if it weren’t necessary to make a living, that is) I don’t think I’d really mind that much.

In this process, however, I realized that music is different. Music is fundamental to my existence. I need music in my life like I need food and water and air. So, I’ve come to recognize it is one rare thing about which I guess I’m actually quite passionate.

This process has given me some sort of direction then for my work. I’m making a more concentrated effort to use the skills I have to produce design for the one thing about which I’m most passionate.

So where in the past my illustration work (whether professional or personal) has covered a wide variety of themes, I’m really focusing on creating visuals inspired by or created in support of music. I launched FUTURALBUM last month, and have done some Brandi Carlile posters and have a bunch more exciting ideas to flesh out.

If you are a musician or music industry professional, I’d love a chance to work together! Text me and let’s do it.

NOTE: Upon revealing this discovery to a friend, he suggested I’m passionate about food also. I think he may be onto something—good food gets me really excited in a hurry.