Fall Soup and Adventurous Living

It must be fall because we’re eating a lot of soup.

Last week my wife fed two hungry construction workers with a big batch of broccoli cheese and another of butternut squash.

Since grocery-shopping happens rarely these days, creativity with garden vegetables (grown or gifted) is key in our house. On this day, all we had was some tomatoes, so the hunt for a good soup recipe began.

We found it very interesting that most recipes online for “homemade” tomato soup actually call for a can of tomato soup…


Well we found one real recipe and it turned out pretty dang good. Especially with the homemade french bread.

Tomato soup is one of those things that I didn’t eat until I was an adult.

Over the past few years I’ve been making myself eat the foods that I don’t like but always thought that I should.

I didn’t eat olives until about 5 years ago and now they’re my favorite. Just thinking about olives makes me start slobberin.

When I was a kid I loved cottage cheese but hadn’t had it since then… until a couple weeks ago I made myself eat some.

Not too bad…

I can actually list quite a few foods that I considered pretty gross until I started eating them regularly that I now consider my favorites – coffee, grapefruit, stinky cheese, spinach, beer, sweet potatoes, asparagus, and more…

It’s like the more adventurous I get with my eating, the more I discover the things that satisfy me the most and bring me the most pleasure (and the surprise at how many of those things are healthy)

It’s kind of got me thinking about how many things in life we tell ourselves “I don’t like that.” Until we really give it a fair chance.

Which sometimes means making yourself eat it until you develop a taste for it.

(I’ve been doing this with hip-hop lately)

You might think you hate camping or dancing or travel or excercise or the stock market or church  or reading or facebook or foreign movies or action movies or quiet or noise or politics or charity or sushi or swimming or sex or football or Carrot Top or close proximity to teenagers or roller coasters or tomato soup.

But the truth is those may be some of your most favorite things in the world (you just don’t know it yet)

It might take some force-feeding for a while—real commitment and discipline to giving something new a chance…

But adventurous living may lead to discovering the most delectable and healthy experiences you never knew you loved so much.

Comment: What is something you once hated that you now love?