Herbie Weiderman

One day when I noticed he had a flying =w= symbol drawn on his handa symbol now universally know as Weezer’s “logo” but at the time almost a secret symbol that connected only the “real fans.”

Rivers – I’m Your Daddy

When our last baby boy arrived, we really had no idea what to call him. We hadn’t even been talking about it much because it was such a stressful time in our lives. I was finishing an internship and about to be unemployed. We had just discovered that our other son Gideon has Autism. And the day before the baby arrived …

Weezer: Hurley

Such a sigh of relief when a Weezer record lives up to my always-way-too-high expectations. Back to rock & roll and with a outpouring of emotion that we haven’t seen from them in many, many years.