Autism Always Wins

So I started this post in the morning.

I’m sitting at my desk frustrated and discouraged and self-loathing after an especially difficult weekend and one of those literally-drag-the-kid-to-school mornings.

So I titled the piece “Losing to Autism.”

Because lately that’s what I’ve been feeling like.

The Truth about Autism

A couple big news stories in the world of autism have parents frustrated once again.

First, the infamous Dr. Wakefield was stripped of his license by Britain’s medical council, and then later in the week Reuters published an article suggesting that early intervention may not really make a difference when treating children with autism.

Which is in direct contrast to the only one absolute we’ve ever had… that your best hope is to intervene early.

First Day of School

Sometimes I’m surprised to hear parents excited to send their kids back to school… like having them around is a huge pain that they’d just as soon avoid. I get that kids are a lot of work and they definitely have a way of wearing your nerves quite thin… I’d still rather be around them most of the time than …