Pete Seeger's Banjo Lettering

Pete Seeger’s Banjo

Download Free Print: Pete Seeger’s Banjo Pete Seeger will always remain one of my personal heroes. It’s not his political activism that necessarily draws me to him, but rather how much he valued the things in life that really matter; how he truly believed you can change the world by getting people to sing together. I admire his commitment to …

Forgive Artists

Forgiving Artists

New illustration for an article on what level we can or should forgive artists known to have taken advantage of young girls. I have been totally excited at the prospective release of J.D. Salinger’s unpublished works, but then I learned of his relationship with 14-year-old Jean Miller. What should our position as fellow artists be toward those among us who …

Office Party Illustration

Recent Editorial Illustration

A few editorial illustrations I’ve done recently, including an illustration on making connections at the holiday office party; the recent “Right to Work” vote that passed in Michigan; and one humorous illustration for Thanksgiving & pumpkin pie.