“Amazing” Won’t Do

Ok. I’m back from Africa and have spent the whole week trying to write. A few of my best attempts have resulted in idiotic and cheezy half-paragraphs that contain the word “amazing” at least once per sentence. This is especially discouraging since “amazing” is one of those words that I generally try to avoid altogether…

Cancer Boy

Cancer Boy

When I was 21 I was diagnosed with cancer.

Testicular cancer actually, which was kind of en vogue in 2000. Celebrities like Lance Armstrong (hardly a celebrity before his cancer) and Tom Green (remember Tom Green?) were making national headlines enduring treatments and starting a very important conversation about the risk of testicular cancer among young men.

Turns out it really isn’t so glamorous.

The Truth about Autism

A couple big news stories in the world of autism have parents frustrated once again.

First, the infamous Dr. Wakefield was stripped of his license by Britain’s medical council, and then later in the week Reuters published an article suggesting that early intervention may not really make a difference when treating children with autism.

Which is in direct contrast to the only one absolute we’ve ever had… that your best hope is to intervene early.