Books: Mudhouse Sabbath

I finally finished reading Mudhouse Sabbath, and though it took a little more concentrated effort on my part than Real Sex or Girl Meets God, it was still incredibly insightful and offered more of Lauren’s unique perspective on how Christians have either lost touch with our Jewish heritage or in some cases adapted certain traditions.

Jesus vs. the Democrats

I see it pretty regularly, but on mornings like today it becomes especially hard to bear. When Scott Brown took over Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat last night, half the nation cheered (and half the nation grimaced). I have no problem with that.

Thanks a lot, God

I’ve been praying lately. I mean… I normally pray regularly but not really instinctively and not with real faith. But lately I’ve been praying for real. and not just that, but other areas of my spirituality have come more into focus and taken the forefront of my life. Tends to happen when I face great trials. Smaller trials I try …