Herbie Weiderman

One day when I noticed he had a flying =w= symbol drawn on his hand—a symbol now universally know as Weezer’s “logo” but at the time almost a secret symbol that connected only the “real fans.”

Brandi Carlile Live at Interlochen

Last night we took our 8-yr-old daughter to her first real concert… she is a totally right-brained kid who loves art and music so I knew she’d love it and I had been looking forward to this for a really long time.

Since I’d seen Brandi Carlile last summer I knew she’d be a great first-concert experience for my daughter… and of course I was right.

Red Baraat at Barbès Brooklyn

You can’t visit New York without catching some live music, and you can’t catch live music like this anywhere but New York. Cram an Indian marching band, a jazz ensemble, a funk band and 100 audience members (of every race and creed) into a 200 sq. ft. room. That is Red Baraat at Barbès in Brooklyn. Thanks Paul for encouraging …