Nada Surf Still Exists

So far this year I’ve seen stripped-down-reigned-in albums from Rogue Wave, Shout Out Louds and Band of Horses. If I Had a Hi-Fi follows suit as a ball of static electricity just waiting for me to fall prey to the buzz only to get zapped with 1.21 gigawatts when I least expect it… and along with those others, this album is simple and jangly enough to have come from any of the past four decades but will forever be the part of my soundtrack that is twentyten.

The National: High Violet

For some reason I did not have high expectations for this new album from The National.

I guess maybe because Boxer was so good I just assumed whatever came next would be a disappointment.

Well… I should have given these guys more credit.

Red Baraat at Barbès Brooklyn

You can’t visit New York without catching some live music, and you can’t catch live music like this anywhere but New York. Cram an Indian marching band, a jazz ensemble, a funk band and 100 audience members (of every race and creed) into a 200 sq. ft. room. That is Red Baraat at Barbès in Brooklyn. Thanks Paul for encouraging …