30 Strong Women paintings by Troy DeShano

30 Strong Women

Over the past two years, I created 30 versions of this figure. All inspired by the women in my life who have been models of fortitude, strength, endurance, passion, long-suffering, grit, or have simply inspired me in some way or had a significant impact on my life.

St. Eustace artwork painting of St. Eustace

New Painting: The Conversion of St. Eustace

According to the legend, a lascivious 2nd century Roman general named Placidus was deep in the forest hunting when he saw a vision of Christ in a stag’s antlers. He immediately converted to Christianity, was baptized along with his whole family, and changed his name to Eustace.

Seed Studio Gallery - Song in Art

New Exhibit: Song In Art

Super excited to be a part of a new exhibit at Seed Studio Gallery in Traverse City this summer. The new show is called Song in Art and is chock-full of artwork in various mediums all inspired by or created around the theme of music. Obviously this is right up my alley and I have about a dozen pieces included …