I have a lot of great memories on the trampoline. Way too many to count.

It was a great escape for me as a teenager. I’m sure the bio-physiological benefits played a part in that. High-sensory activities that involve a lot of deep compression on your body help regulate brain activity.

Then of course when you add the psychological benefits of community (jumping with good friends) and risk and fresh air, you’ve got some pretty sweet therapy going on.

Add a little music to the mix and you really can’t find a much healthier activity for your spirit.

I struggle sometimes now to take my trampoline vitamins daily. It is so important to me as an adult (especially up here in the north where trampoline season is so short).

But I have to constantly remind myself how important it is not only  for my own psychological well-being, but also to my kids development.

10 minutes a day is like magic.

With each bounce my stress disappears and a positive memory is seared in their little brains.