Paper & Ink

Illustration by Troy DeShano

Will books become obsolete in the future? be the “new scrolls?”

I don’t think so, and it’s not the tactile nature that’s going to save them.. It’s the smell.

Something about paper & ink.. The newness of a freshly cracked memoir or the orthodox of a century-old novel is totally irreplaceable and so subconsciously craved by each of us who’ve ever spent any amount of time on the beach with a paperback, under the covers with the Hardy Boys or (for a few of us) in a hospital with Harry Potter that if it were ever eliminated from the human experience our world would most surely fall into ruin.

So when you pass on your favorite old Newberry winner to your kid, make sure she knows to take a big whiff and soak in the wonder of the binding.

Lest we forget and usher in a premature apocalypse.