Self Project Week 1

A few weeks ago was the 10th anniversary of my first cancer diagnosis.

I’m not sure that is something to celebrate, but it is something.

I guess if there is something to celebrate, it’s that I’m happy to be alive. Not only that, but 10 years of cancer (along with a variety of other trials) has shaped me into the person I am now.

I wasn’t sure I’d make it to my 30’s, but I never knew I’d be who I am now.

In a way, I owe a lot to my malady.

It is without question one of the strongest odors in the history of my life so far. My reactions to it have varied upon the condition, but the putrid stench has always made me feel that much more grateful for every breath of peace and health.

In recognition of the past decade and its effects, (as well as the introspective nature for which my writing is known) I’m starting a new project based on this portrait.

Each week I’ll release a new version of a photo-illustration of this same image each demonstrating something different about myself or the world as I experience it.

So today it’s just me. A little stubblier than usual but happy to be alive.

Follow along with Self Project and I’m sure there will be something hilarious, painful, typical or just plain weird from my story with which you can identify.

*Photo by my super-amazing 8-yr-old daughter

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