After three months of planning, working and waiting, I am so excited to finally announce my latest collaborative design project!

In a similar vein to Old & New Project, FUTURALBUM features a huge list of my favorite designers from around the world, each creating new artwork for awesome rock, rap, pop, country (broadway musical?) albums of the past.

With just a few guidelines, each artist has the freedom to create whatever he/she wants, and based on the feedback I’ve gotten so far, that process has been a great breath of fresh air for many who know all to well the anxiety that comes with pending client approval.

What Makes FUTURALBUM Special

The thing that makes FUTURALBUM really exciting is the unique juxtaposition of freedom plus restraint. As I said, the artists have essentially unlimited freedom to create whatever piece they imagine—they can choose whatever album they’d like, and the possibilities are endless.

However, it comes with two simple fences within which they must play.

  1. They must only use images from Flickr Book Image Archive.
  2. They must use Futura for all type.

Limitations Foster Creativity

One of the concepts I’ve found to be true over my years as an artist and designer is that limitations foster creativity—the less I have to work with, the more creative I must be.

This principal is at the core of Rock & Roll. Success in music brings about more resources for polishing and production, which often destroy the creative genius originally inherent in those early tunes hammered out with hand-me-down instruments and tape decks.

This then perpetuates the unusual cycle that inspires another turned-off generation to make something “real.”

It’s why Rock & Roll will never die.

So I guess it’s only fitting to apply the rule to this music art project. Let’s all toss out our thousands of font choices, expensive stock photos and the guilt of not creating your own hand-drawn type. Let’s scrape together a few vintage images, slap on some Futura and have a blast with design once again.


The project launches with the first 12 designs today, with new work posted every weekday from here on out. You can follow FUTURALBUM on Tumblr and Instagram, and catch all the updates and news on Twitter.

Here are a Few Samples from FUTURALBUM Day 1

Check out all 12 of the first day’s designs, and follow the project at futuralbum.com

Buzas Modest Mouse FUTURALBUM Cover
Alaina Buzas

Jeff Finley AFI FUTURALBUM Cover
Jeff Finley

Andrew Hochradel Animal Collective FUTURALBUM Cover
Andrew Hochradel

Anne Ulku Flaming Lips FUTURALBUM Cover
Anne Ulku

Reedicus Johnny Cash FUTURALBUM
Doc Reed

Check out all the designs Here!