Giving Pigs the Bird

I heard a funny story on NPR’s On the Media this week…

Apparently a guy named Robert Ekas is suing his local police department, claiming his multiple moving violations are bogus and only issued because he is (apparently) committed to giving the police the finger.

Brooke Gladstone’s conversation with Ira Robbins about free speech, public obscenities and flag burning was funny and interesting.

A case that seems kind of silly is actually kind of a big deal…

What do you think? do we have a right to “salute” the police in whichever way we feel appropriate? (whether they deserve it or not?)

If so, do you believe it an important way to excercise your first amendment rights?

Listen for yourself, or read the transcript here.

Disclaimer: I’m thankful for Traverse City police and I’d never call them pigs… it just makes the illustration funnier.