Odorifous: Wayne Adams

I just had a realization that hopefully isn’t true…

When I started Strong Odors, I had no intention of it becoming such a personal space.  I really dislike diary-blogging and had every intention to keep my writing altogether fun and challenging without much introspection at all.

Obviously that didn’t happen.

The more I investigated the little things that make me feel alive, (like certain strong odors do) whether “good” or “bad,” the more I started sharing my own stories and experiences.

These interviews have a variety of motivations, one of which is an opportunity for me to write about something other than myself.

However, this unsettling realization I just mentioned is that the subjects seem to be becoming more and more like me.

Wayne Adams is a visual artist who is a native of Michigan, loves pontificating about the interconnectedness of art and spirituality… while writing theological ponderings in his spare time.

I suppose the only big difference is that he somehow ended up in Brooklyn while I’m in Traverse City.

and he’s primarily a painter where I haven’t painted in years.

and I’m sure there’s gotta be like a million other things, right? I’m not that self-absorbed that I have to search the interwebs for my clones to do interviews with.


Anyway. He seems to be a pretty cool guy who does super great work within his own particular framework of faith and life and art… I love that.

and his artwork makes me want to paint again the same way watching the World Cup had me hankerin to find my soccer ball.

I guess you call that inspiring.

Wayne has an exhibit opening tomorrow night (along with Jimmy Miracle) at Storefront, a Brooklyn gallery in the Bushwick community. If you happen to be in Brooklyn between now and August 1st you should definitely check that out!

Tell us one of your favorite odors.

Bacon. Smoked meats. Smoked bacon. I really like smoked bacon.

What is it about that particular smell?

It’s a food smell and I really like to eat. Barbecue is one of my favorite foods but I don’t eat meat very often so it’s also a treat.
not yet titled 2010 acrylic 32" x 24"

What experience makes you feel alive?

A friend recently said that pain is what makes you feel alive. I suppose it’s true, to an extent. Living in New York is tough in a lot of ways – it pushes against you – and I think that’s also why people often remark that it also has that quality of feeling alive. I also feel alive when I’m talking with people – animated discussion.

What fears do you have?

Right now my most pervading fear is that humanity has destroyed too much of the natural world for it to recover from our unrelenting carelessness. boo.

What have you learned about yourself over the past year?

That the social side of the art market is something to be practiced rather than coming naturally. That I am extremely comfortable with the language of abstraction. That I have a lot to learn.

Are you working on anything cool right now?

Yeah I think most of what I work on is cool. That’s why I work on it. I’ve been interested lately in the relationship of religion and contemporary art, in painting and abstraction as forms of language.

Do you find your creative work a spiritual experience? In what way?

Yes. I believe everything I do is involved in my spiritual experience. There is no separation. I guess I don’t see how there could be.

What tunes have you been hooked on lately?

LCD Soundsystem, Health, Lightning Dust, Trans Am, Sun 0))) [editorial note: I’ve had the new LCD Soundsystem album on my blog calendar for like 2 months now and it keeps getting pushed back. So instead of a full article I’ll just take this moment to say. It’s good. Really good]

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