Odorifous: Mollie Greene

What is quickly becoming a shocking number of years ago I was a freshman at one of the strangest universities in the west wandering sheepishly around the world’s largest cafeteria clutching my overloaded tray and trying to maintain some composure because you know how I get around lunch (agog).

If I’d been in a movie the camera would be panning†360į around me..

Just then a new friend resolved the dissonance in the score, grabbed me by the shoulders and swooped me to a table of misfit ladies where I met my wife for the very first time.

But among those ladies was another special misfit who played a very important party in our story.

Although all these years and the 800-or-so miles have drastically altered our relationship, she will always have a place in our family and I was so proud to see her first book release earlier this year.

Make & Do is a wonderful collection of tutorials from Mollie on how to create similar paper crafts to those she’s been cranking out since Etsy’s early days.

After years and years of cutting and pasting (literally, not cmd+v) and some great mentions from the likes of DesignSponge other high-and-low profile places (my favorite former convict not excluded) it was only natural that this collaborative effort (with her photog husband & other family) would be concieved & birthed from their Greenville, SC home.

Right now you can win your very own copy of Make & Do – entries close at Midnight Dec. 8th though!†

Mollie also writes a lovely blog that years ago was one of a few that changed my own perspective on what blogging is and could be and was quite influential in my decision to start blogging myself. Her prose and photography are a wonderful statement that a “mom blog” can be something so much more than detergent reviews and diaper change updates.

Thanks Mollie for all the memories (past & future). I’m so proud of you and your hard work and your spirit.

Tell us one of your favorite odors.

My favorite odor would have to be brewing coffee, or mounds of coffee beans, or pretty much anything coffee, except for coffee stains on clothes.

What is it about that particular smell?

I think I like it because it smells like home: comfortable and easy. It also smells like industry – for most of my life it’s accompanied me while studying or working late into the night on something, so when I smell it I feel like I’m about to get something done. I like that feeling.

What experience makes you feel alive?

I feel alive when Iím walking in the cold with my pup, when Iím at a concert (we just went to hear Medeski Martin & Wood and it was a real living, soaring experience), when Iím making something new, when Iím enjoying my kids in a real and connected way, the first hour or so of a long road trip, when my husband and I have an uninterrupted conversation about music or life, and, of course, about fifteen minutes after Iíve had the first strong coffee of the day.

What fears do you have?

I fear losing one of my kids or my husband. I fear any kind of upset that might send me into the depths of despair. And sometimes I’m afraid of eternity, the unknown hereafter and such. My faith is weak at best, so I try not to dwell on fears about that, to be more lighthearted because of God’s mysterious Love for me. I often wish I were more charismatic about my faith, more capable of feeling and showing what I think I know to be true, and I think that not being content with the privacy of my emotions about God makes me fearful that I’m not “acting right” about God because I can’t readily talk about faith and belief without feeling awkward or even just ridiculous.

What have you learned about yourself over the past year?

I think this year has taught me to really just slow down and enjoy life in an unhurried and unbothered way. Iíve had to make real effort to not be annoyed by my kids or other people or less-rewarding responsibilities interrupting what I want to do. Just being aware of my tendency towards that has helped me to enjoy life better.

Are you working on anything cool right now?

I’m currently working on a commission project of some paper taxidermy heads that are being used in styling a furniture design book. Hopefully I won’t get carried away with the gold glitter that I get to use on whiskers and antlers and such. After this Iím working on an Alice in Wonderland themed series of mobiles. Iím very excited about that.

Do you find your creative work a spiritual experience? In what way?

In some ways, yes. I think that the process of thinking about work, working, and enjoying work can all be spiritual experiences. Iím learning that working on something that I enjoy and seeing it turn into something beautiful is some kind of soul food that I really miss when Iím not engaging in a creative process. When Iím not in the throes of working on something itís easy for me to get a little depressed. I think that I need to be creating something, whether itís music or art or cooking good food; my soul needs that kind of exercise or itís hard for me to feel connected to the Creator.

What tunes have you been hooked on lately?

I know itís morally wrong to listen to Christmas music too early, but Iíve been listening to Sufjanís Christmas album for at least two months now. I just couldnít help myself. The new Fiest (ďMetalsĒ) has been spinning pretty much every day around here, too. If it has a good lyric I can usually be interested in it. Good poetry in song is not easy to come by.

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Right now you can†win your very own copy†of Make & Do – entries close at Midnight Dec. 8th though!†