Morel & Goat Cheese Hot Dogs with Wild Leeks

Morel & Goat Cheese Hot Dogs

I love the idea of mixing foods that don’t normally go together… last summer I had huge success with a burger experiment (we in the Cherry Capitol are always looking for new applications of our local crop).

So while scrounging through the fridge in search of an adequate platform for my morels I spotted it… The Great Organic Uncured Beef Hot Dog.

We usually have some Goat Cheese on hand, so that seemed a natural choice and wild leeks (you call em ramps?) always pair perfectly with morels since they tend to grow together.

So I fried up those mushrooms in a crap pile of butter and the aroma alone was knockin my socks off… I even took a taste test and my knees buckled ever-so-slightly…


What I thought may have been my greatest hot dog idea ever (possibly even rivaling this one) turned out to be a miserable failure.

It didn’t taste bad of course… it was fine. But the flavor of the dog was far too strong… totally drowned out the morels..

So this post title is just a little misleading… could have easily added the tagline “or how to waste perfectly lovely morels.”


Next spring we might have to have them for breakfast again.