Morel and Wild Leek Fritatta

This is one of the most amazing breakfasts I’ve ever had.

Probably because we (basically) foraged all the ingredients ourselves. (Maybe next time we’ll make our own feta).

After 3 years of searching for morels around our Northern Michigan home, I finally decided to ask for help.

So our whole family went out last weekend and searched.

After about an hour we were about to give up when my sister spotted them.

Then we saw a few more.

We were hooked.

We stayed out another hour but didn’t find any more mushrooms… luckily we did have the good sense to grab some wild leeks while we were out there though.

The organic free range eggs came from our friends Marshall and Becky at Holmestead Farm in Long Lake (please support them!)

The fritatta is so light (thanks to the feta) and the recipe is so simple that it really allows the flavor of the mushrooms to stand out.

Morel and Wild Leek Fritatta

Noël made this one up, so you may have to tweak it depending on the size of your pan and what ingredients you happen to have on hand. the key is to keep it simple though, so you can really enjoy those morels.


In a mixing bowl, combine 5 eggs, sliced leeks and feta. Add milk to desired consistency.
Line an 8-inch cake pan with thinly sliced potatoes (or hash browns or tater tots). Make sure to use some non-stick spray or coat the pan however you prefer.
Pour the egg mixture over the potatoes and bake at 350°
While the eggs are baking, sauté the mushrooms (sliced to preference) in butter or olive oil. Cook just long enough to release the flavor.
When the fritatta is close to desired consistency, top with mushrooms and bake for a few more minutes.
Serve with salt/pepper.

More Morels

Check out more pics of our mushrooms and our breakfast!