Rivers – I’m Your Daddy

When our last baby boy arrived, we really had no idea what to call him.

We hadn’t even been talking about it much because it was such a stressful time in our lives.

I was finishing an internship and about to be unemployed. We had just discovered that our other son Gideon has Autism.

And the day before the baby arrived I found out that I (once again) had cancer.

So yeah, not a lot of spare energy to discuss baby names.

Over the years I had met or heard of a couple people named River or Rivers. I knew one kid who spelled it Ryvvers. I always thought I’d like to name a kid Rivers.

But I was afraid to name my child Rivers because I had always been a fan of Weezer and everyone knew this and I was afraid people would think I was naming my boy after Rivers Cuomo (from Weezer).

I did not want to be that guy—the one who names his kid after his favorite rock star or sports hero.

But then I realized that is stupid.

So I’ve got a boy named Rivers—not named after Cuomo, they just happen to share the same name.

He also happens to be hilarious in a goofball sort of way. Check out the halloween costume from last year.