First Day of School


Sometimes I’m surprised to hear parents excited to send their kids back to school… like having them around is a huge pain that they’d just as soon avoid.

I get that kids are a lot of work and they definitely have a way of wearing your nerves quite thin…

I’d still rather be around them most of the time than not…

My son went to his first day of kindergarten this past week.

It was tough enough with our oldest… we cried the whole walk home from dropping her off for the first time.

But this time is different.

Because he has autism, we have no idea what to expect.

Reassurance comes from friends in the form of “Oh, he’ll be OK… do great… etc.”

Which is more than likely true, but not really the issue.

We don’t want him to be OK.

We want him to get the most out of each day.

to excel…

to fly…

Will dropping him in the hands of an overloaded public school teacher give him that opportunity?

Would keeping him home with mom?

Nobody knows, and that’s just the thing… at some point you have to make a decision…

at some point you have to have faith.