My So-Called (under da sea) Life

Apparently that whole becoming-human thing wasn’t ultimately satisfying in Ariel’s search for self-discovery.

This new phase involves tattoos, a self-inflicted haircut and extra eyeliner.

Who knows, maybe this is the real Ariel.

My daughter exited the womb with a ball-point pen in her hand and has been coloring everything in her path ever since. I’m not exaggerating. It is a very rare thing to see her without some sort of writing utensil.

And she’s always challenged me to break the rules. Who says you can only draw on paper?

Of course as a grown-up I know why we must not color on things like walls and furniture… but she dares me to ask: how many things can we color?

So I’m actively seeking new ways for her to express her creativity before public school convinces her of its worthlessness.

and I’m actively challenging myself to open my mind and consider whether the rules of conformity are true.