Publisher Describes Love Wins Aftermath

This promotional video released this week and folks are coming out of the woodworks to shout “heretic!”

People love to pick on Rob for sure… I guess you can’t really blame them. Many of my friends have already shared links to articles around the interwebs sharing this vid and making claims like “At least now we know what Rob Bell thinks about hell.”


You know what he believes from that video?

Because to me it seems like a magical bit of marketing where he goes out of his way to say nothing at all… he asks provocative questions and the most conservative of critics everywhere think they’ve finally got the proof they need that Rob Bell is a false teacher that should be offically branded as “unorthodox” and believers everywhere should watch their babies, watch their husbands, ’cause he’s false teachin everybody up in here.

But honestly the biggest problem I have with the reaction is not misinterpreting such an ambiguous video, but that everyone is criticizing a book that they have not read. It hasn’t even been released yet!

Oh man, that makes me mad.

What do you think?

Here are a few critical “reviews”