The Office Baby Breaks New Ground

The scene:

A woman, late in her pregnancy freezes mid-stride to announce to her partner that her water has just broken

(possibly a wisecrack about peeing her pants or another character slipping and falling in the fluid).

The couple race to the hospital barely making it in time to start pushing.

Somehow in the midst of the mother’s bloodcurdling screams and insults at her doofus husband, the doctor has the presence and expertise to recognize… the baby is breech!!

Luckily that doesn’t matter at all and after one more push the couple has a beautiful 2-month-old newborn kicking happily in their arms.

Enter color character for comedic line to alleviate the tension  (this may happen earlier in the timeline, in which case color character opens door to find himself face-to-face with the birth canal… then turns and exits without comment, faints, or leans in for a “better look” suggesting the woman’s gaping crotch sexually exciting) *cue laugh track

Cut to scene of mother at home (looking sexy in her hollywood body) feeding baby her bottle.

Cue soundbite “Awwwwwww”

Roll credits.

To anyone who has ever watched prime-time T.V regularly since its inception this scene should be pretty familiar…

Pretty much any sitcom birthing experience follows this template. (Just replace the “funny” moments with an emergency c-section, rapid baby heart rate, wrapped umbilical cord and you’ve got yourself a 10 p.m. drama slot).

That is why last night’s episode of The Office was so groundbreaking.

Absolutely the first time I’ve ever watched a “delivery” episode without a single eye-roll from my wife.

In fact… she even cheered when Pam stood up for herself to the nurse casually suggesting that she’d give the baby a bottle in the nursery…


Whoever wrote this thing (IMDB credits Greg Daniels and Charlie Grandy)… you’ll probably never read this, but…

I’m sure it took some guts to stand up to whomever was (I’m willing to bet) insisting on the above tried-and-true format, and I’m really proud of you.