Respect Native Americans

Respect Natives

My good friend T.C. Worley recently visited North Dakota to see for himself the protests surrounding the Dakota Access Pipeline and hopefully capture some photos from what may be the largest gathering of Native Americans in over 100 years. And he did, in fact, manage to take what I believe to be the most beautiful and important photo of his nearly 20-year career.

But instead of simply seeing, he came back a new man. He has been totally changed by his experience with these people.

I won’t attempt to write an in-depth post on racial oppression of native peoples that literally stretches back to DAY ONE and persists still. There are plenty of more intelligent and informative works already out there than I could spit out. I won’t go on a diatribe about how any company with a Columbus Day sale is despicably racist in doing so (though I’d love to preach on that).

I’m just going to share this image.

It’s about 400 years of oppression they have endured. It’s about the long-overdue respect they deserve, and their ancestors are owed. It is also inspired by their great respect for this earth and all the things in it.

Share it wherever. Challenge with this message. Wear it Proudly.
Don’t worry about artist credit. It doesn’t matter.

If you’re interested in RESPECT stickers, they are in the works. I’ll announce details on Facebook and Twitter once they’re ready.

If you’d like to print a poster for your own demonstration, business, car window or whatever, you can print this 11×17 pdf too.