I’ve got a predilection for music recorded the old-fashioned wayŚlive in the studio.

There’s some fugitive quality that comes along with recording a group of artists playing as a team that you just can’t capture mixing each individually recorded part on a computer or whatever.

And when it comes to punk rock, the thought of recording parts just smells funnyŚlike when you see a basketball game scene on TV… no matter how accurate they make it it still feels wrong.

Punk should not be sterilized. It can’t be, really…

So when I heard that the debut from these four alt punk veterans coming together as WILD FLAG was recorded live, my most anticipated album of 2011 got even more anticipated.

Is there a word for that? I checked thesaurus.com and found nothing.

With their “supergroup” status and Brownstein charisma, these ladies could have basically taken a dump on tape and it would have sold. Thousands of hipster yokels would have hailed it as a groundbreaking piece of ironic satire.

But that didn’t happen.

Because áwith the eyes-in-the-back-of-your-head wisdom that seems to be exclusive to women (and elusive to the rest of us), the band toured for over a year testing new material, getting to know one another, enjoying themselves and learning how to effectively play together before they began recording… just as if they were neophyte teens testing fate in the rock world.

Besides the wisdom & patience in the process, it’s evident in the songwriting as well… you gotta love grown-ups playing punk music because they’re just not all that bent-out-of-shape anymore and they actually know what they’re talking about now.

As far as I’m concerned WILD FLAG met my expectations – smart, fun and loud. I can only imagine how awesome these girls are live.