The Joy Formidable: The Big Roar

I’ve been wanting to blog about this all year… but unfortunately (at least for you readers) I’ve been far to busy working on my art show and my new project—Maker’s Market—to have any time to devote to unleashing various odors upon thee.

However… I can’t put this off for any longer.

I’ve got a handful of new albums on rotation that have become my playlist for the summer (even though I’m way behind on writing about them), but this one by The Joy Formidable has firmly taken it’s place as my default go-to album whenever I’m scrolling up-and-down the list trying to make a listening decision.

The songs seem to be written from that rare but intensely kinetic place between heartache and resolution.

It is the moment when you realize you can’t continue living a zombie life.. crying yourself to sleep or avoiding human contact or binging on junk food… The moment you slap yourself across the face and stand up.

And the accompanying music to the tales somehow manages to harness the energy required to shake off the chains of loss and take your first step back into independence.

It’s been a long time since I’ve heard anything with the energy of The Big Roar.