The Get Up Kids: There Are Rules

The Get Up Kids are back.

This record is getting mediocre reviews… not really anything you wouldn’t expect from writers who hold on to hope that such an influential band would turn out another record as classic as the one that changed the course of pop music the way Something to Write Home About did over a decade ago.

I’ve actually enjoyed what most consider ill-advised moves that The Get Up Kids have taken over the years.

This return from Campfire Kansas type tunes to a more rockin set of tracks is pretty cool, even if it could never satisfy our cravings for anything as perfect-storm as their infamous sophomore album. You really can’t orchestrate culture and put together the right formula of melodies and counter-melodies and distortion and voice-cracks to create something that influences pop culture in that kind of way.

It has to just happen… which is why bands like this have to keep creating and have to keep trying new things… because you never know if that new thing is going to be just the right thing at just the right time.

I don’t come across much these days that I can really crank up the volume… so I’m excited to put this one on in the car and turn it up.