Sufjan Stevens: All Delighted People

Last week Sufjan Stevens dropped this surprise new EP.

The first new music he’s released (besides the instrumental soundtrack to Sufjan’s art film The BQE) in five years.

Five years!

So, as you can imagine I was slightly excited to hear new music from my favorite artist for the first time in a half-decade.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get better, Sufjan’s label announced today that he’ll be releasing his first full-length album since 2005 this fall.

Oh man…

I’m so stoked about all this I can’t evn tpye stright.

You can stream the entire All Delighted People (or download it for a mere 5 bucks) here.

Or just listen to it right here on Strong Odors (I’m so excited I just embedded the entire thing rather than just a single track)