Para-“Dice” Graphics

Illustration by Troy DeShano

Mylo Xyloto was finally released for streaming on Spotify and Rhapsody last week, which means I’m hearing it for the first time, and it’s been in pretty heavy rotation around our house.

Which means for most the day I’ve got “para, paradise… para, paradise” stuck in my head.

One time driving through Marquette, Michigan—on the northern edge of the upper peninsula—I spotted what I assume is some sort of graphic design business called Para-“Dice” Graphics.

I can’t remember how the dice rolled on the storefront sign… I like to assume it was snake eyes, obviously.

The new Coldplay is pretty good. I think at this point they’ll never be able to live up to anyone’s expectations again, but chances are we’ll still be singing “para, paradise…” in the future.

Sing along on the Strong Odors Spotify playlist.