Brandi Carlile Gig Poster

New Job and New Brandi Carlile Poster

I started a new job recently as the Art & Design Director for a local event production company. Many friends have asked about it, but I have not had time to share any details about the change publicly, since I began right in the midst of our busiest (read: crazy) season and had to jump in with both feet—which honestly is the best way to do anything.

The company is in the middle of an exciting new startup phase, with a fresh rebrand in the works that will include a new focused presentation of what we do, new websites, and lots of other projects that are totally fun challenges for an Art Director!

Over the past 6 weeks I’ve enjoyed both promoting and participating in several events and festivals here in northern Michigan. It has been incredibly insightful just to observe everything that goes into these events, from planning to execution. Spending my weekends in the belly of the festival whales has definitely given me a great foundation on which to build my creative work from this point forward.

Last weekend we celebrated our Traverse City Microbrew & Music Festival, which brings craft brewers from all over the country together with an eclectic mix of live music. I’ve been a huge Brandi Carlile fan for many years, so it was totally exciting to create this poster (props to Sam Porter for the “beer goddess” idea) and I was so proud to hear that Brandi and the band really liked it a lot.

I was actually unfamiliar with Nahko and Medicine for the People, but after their performance last Saturday, it’s apparent why their fans are so ardent. Plus, all the hippies came out for that one, and it’s always fun to hang out with hippies.

One thing that is always fun for me personally is to see how unpredictable twists-and-turns of my career provide me invaluable tools for the next step in the journey. In this case I’m not only taking advantage of old skills gained doing in-house event media production years ago, but the incredible marketing know-how I’ve gained in my past few years for a local firm gives me an entirely different posture as I start this new step in my journey.

Looking forward to sharing more music and art pieces from my day job!