Beastie Boys MCA illustration by Troy DeShano

How Ya Feelin, MCA?

There is something that happens when you cross a dark valley.

If you’re lucky enough to reach the other side, you discover all these other individuals who had been in there with you. People you know, some you don’t and some whom you never will. They are all down there together, you just can’t see one another through the pitch black.

But when you’ve made it out, whether by scraping and clawing; being dragged or drugged, the valley leaves you charged with static electricity.

You don’t know it’s there, and you don’t know the next person has it until you come in contact… and then something pops.

Whenever I see or hear stories of cancer, I get really emotional.

I somehow managed to make it through that movie 50/50 recently, despite the knots of familiarity in my stomach, but today when I heard that that Adam Yauch (aka MCA) had died, it really got to me.

He was my favorite Beastie, and though I’ve always rooted for those guys as underdogs, I’ve been rooting just that much harder for him these past few years.

It’s tough to hear, man.

But little do you know about something that I talk about

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