Goat Punishment

In the early 20-aughts Weezer would do secret shows under the moniker Goat Punishment.

A lot of the times they’d do Nirvana covers and eventually new unreleased =w= material too.

I think they kind of quit doing it once word got out who Goat Punishment really was.

I found this poster while searching for the GP image… man, that would have been an amazing show!

They’ve done a lot of cool stuff like this over the years, which I think is part of why I’ve stayed loyal even though the music has never been as great as it once was. They did a whole tour of tiny shows at bowling alleys and skate parks that they wouldn’t announce until the day of the show, they released TONS of unreleased tracks around 2005, all album demos that never made it onto Maladroit, and they did these hootenanies around LA where anybody with an instrument could show up and play along with the band

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