Delay Trees: Delay Trees

Totally obsessed with Delay Trees right now.

Kind of like Sigur Ros only more accessible (the songs are much shorter for one thing) and it is catchy and upbeat (but not too upbeat) and has these little wonderful moments of really intense energy.

I feel like I could recommend this to just about anybody.

While I’m wondering how some kid from Helsinki can write songs about everyday things, love, life and the apocalypse in a way that a kid from Michigan can appreciate, I noticed the band bio on their website:

In his early twenties, Rami started to write songs about the growing pressures of adulthood, unemployment, ending friendships and the long Finnish winters.

Ok.. That makes sense then…

Which makes me wonder… is art style, genre, medium or even tempo determined on some level by personal experiences? Even if Rami and I live on opposite ends of the Earth, but have long winters in common are we more likely to create things to which one another can relate? or feel inspired by or connected to?

Or just enjoy?

So many great things about this record. I love the opening to my favorite song on the record – the apocalyptic “Summer 2012” speak to me in tongues or through fire alarms.

That’s a winner right there.