Declaration of Dependence


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Winter 04-05 there were 2 albums that I always (always) had with me… basically a soundtrack to the season. One is the Garden State soundtrack, and the other…

Riot on an Empty Street by Kings of Convenience

Trudging through knee-deep snow from my house to my office each morning, the hushed geek-folk from across the globe kept my spirits high (or at least fit my mood well when they weren’t)

If you’ve never heard Kings of Convenience… I promise you’ll love them.

I describe them as a modern Simon and Garfunkle… and both the Kings’ music and lyrics give the iconic protest-folk-rock duo a run for their money.

Hard to believe it’s been a half-decade since I discovered that album… in the meantime, the two “kings” have been releasing a series of electro-synth pop as a series of different personas… you’ve got to respect that… but finally some new tunes have arrived.

I love the new album’s title Declaration of Dependence… and I love how on songs like “Rule my World” they keep you guessing… is this a war protest song… or an aching lover about to come undone because she’s stuck in a controlling relationship?

You set yourself above
That all forgiving god
You claim that you believe in
Your kind is gonna fall
Your ship is sinking fast
And all your able men are leaving

Only someone
Who’s morally
Superior can possibly
And honestly deserve
To rule my world

I talk before I think
You shoot before you know
Who’s in your line of fire
So somehow we’re the same
We’re causing people pain
But I stand and take the blame
You scramble to the night