Jesus vs. the Democrats

I see it pretty regularly, but on mornings like today it becomes especially hard to bear.

When Scott Brown took over Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat last night, half the nation cheered (and half the nation grimaced).

I have no problem with that.

Part of being American means that I am entitled to my opinion.

I don’t think anyone should take that for granted… if you believe in something, speak up!

What drives me insane is when I wake up to Facebook statuses, tweets, etc. suggesting that God (obviously) dislikes the current health care reform bill and every victory for the status quo is a victory for His Kingdom.

Cheers of “praise God!” “a miracle in Massachusetts!” “you can’t deny there’s a God when something like this happens!”


I do believe in prayer… I’ve experienced the effects of prayer… but I have a big problem with casting God in a political mold.

It diminishes the power of God’s redemptive will

What if the election had turned out otherwise? Right wing Christians then are left to wonder “does God answer prayer?” or just find some other provisional explanation (usually blaming the devil la Adam and Eve).

It shows a lack of faith and fear of the future

One of the things I’ve been trying to learn lately is that I have a lot of fear in my life. I’ve tried to deal with it in the past by controlling everything around me (doesn’t work) and generally avoiding any relationship or situation that I imagine might cause some sort of conflict at some point in the future. By putting faith in politics, Christians around the United States have time and again unknowingly demonstrated their fears to the world. If God is God, then it doesn’t matter who sits on the throne… right?

The thinking that God’s will can only be done through a particular political system has been extremely destructive to the western Christian church.

It shows a lack of respect for other-minded believers

For those that imagine God’s pleasure in Scott Brown’s election and assume his win will mean the end of health care reform (seriously?), consider this: at least half of all the Christians in the United States may have been praying for the exact opposite outcome. So what does this mean? You have a closer connection to the true God than they? That these other Jesus-loving folks haven’t read their Bibles enough to know that God prefers America’s current system of health care?

It puts God in a box

God is not a Republican. He is not a Democrat. He is not even American (gasp!). He’s not white or black. He’s not a man or a woman (despite my insistence on gender-specific pronouns). He is not what you want him to be. He is who he is.

Remember that conversation Moses had with the burning bush?


And the following rescue of his people from oppression was the proof that he was… and is… and will continue to be.

So why do I fear? Why does my foundation rest on God’s supporting my political opinions? Why do I believe if this guy is president or that bill passes or this is legal or that is illegal…. then God’s will is foiled and my life is over?

So rejoice when your “team” wins one… but please don’t believe that God is on your side alone.

He’s a heck of a lot bigger than that.