Christian Cussing


Illustration by Troy DeShano

I noticed some high-profile evangelical writings on Christian swearing recently.

Apparently someone over at Patrol Magazine noticed too, and I found their retort well versed and thought-provoking.

I’m much more likely to keep my expletives bottled up inside… but I really appreciated Patrol’s emphasis on how often the loudest Christian voices “miss the point” when it comes to discerning societal mores from faith-based morality.

to imply that most Christians who swear do so out of lapsed scruples, and can be pricked back into conscientiousness with a quick devotional from their favorite journal of “progressive culture,” is to profoundly misunderstand the change that has prompted so many of them to dismiss the petty social preoccupations of their forbearers.

Don’t get me wrong… the complex relationship of cultural standards and true morality is head-spinning to say the least… but recognizing both spheres seems to me to be something worth considering.