Thanks Go Media

Thanks Go Media

Wanted to take a minute to say thank you to Go Media. These great folks have shown me a ton of love over the past year!

They featured Old & New Project (again) on the blog.

My favorite blogs were included among their top 100 to follow.

I got to do a podcast interview with Jeff Finley and Bill Beachy via sketchy cell connection from a freezing, snowy parking lot last spring.

Heather Sakai interviewed me again for the blog, specifically about my history with cancer and how it has affected my art and life.

Last but not least, they even invited me to speak at the 2013 Weapons of Mass Creation Festival. Once again this weekend was a highlight of my year. I not only connected with many great friends, but the chance to share my story to a large audience was a great privilege I’ll certainly never take for granted.