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At first glace Von Glitchka’s work might not seem so special… but (though this is a bit hard to explain) that is exactly what makes him such a master. Great design should after all, be “invisible.”

Over the past 8-9 years thanks to the courage and generosity required for him to share his wisdom with the rest of us he has become the ultimate resource and hero of vector designers everywhere.

Where he most amazes me personally (besides the sheer volume of work he manages to accomplish) is his logo design in particular.

Designing a good logo seems to be one of those design projects that laymen consider must be the easiest. I mean, look at the most recognizable marks out there — Target, GM, Chevrolet, IBM, Apple, Etc — all you need is a circle or a couple initials and you’re gold, right?

So small (or sometimes big) businesses everywhere recruit their design-school cousins or craigslist trolls to create a quick “logo.”

But you have to wonder, if it is so easy, why to most businesses have identities that look awful?

Because dude. It’s not easy. It’s one of the most difficult processes in the design world.

I’ve worked across a variety of creative mediums – motion graphics, film, advertising, illustration, corporate, print, publishing and even fine art – and I’d take any one of those categories well before “logo design” if I ever end up on graphic design Jeopardy.

So Von’s been published all over the place, manages like 10 websites, has written a handful of books (cannonized in the design community) and garnished a pile of awards for illustration and design… all that pales in comparison (as far as I’m concerned) that he can take a call today from one company among a million others just like it and create a single, timeless yet totally unique mark just for them.

And then do it again tomorrow.


Oh yeah, he’s a pretty dang cool guy too. Follow him on Twitter.

Tell us one of your favorite odors.

Vanilla bean scraped from the pod.

What is it about that particular smell?

It’s fresh, clean and completely unadulterated in it’s natural form.

What experience makes you feel alive?

Traveling and experiencing new cultures and environments.

What fears do you have?

Corporations that control and produce the software I use to create my art will become less flexible in allowing the user to control how they choose to work and instead insist that the user work the way they prefer you to work.

Other than that I try not to fear stuff. If something starts to wig me out I just give it to God and ask for Him to give me peace about it. Life is too short to let fear reign.

What have you learned about yourself over the past year?

We can’t depend on any form of authority or government to facilitate our livelihood, or sustain our happiness, or equip our potential. It’s on us, you have to motivate yourself and grow, learn, fail, and succeed. Can’t blame anyone else, you have to take responsibility for your own actions and inaction. I think leadership at all levels could learn from that too.

Are you working on anything cool right now?

I’m developing some branding for a new beer and distillery so that will be a lot of fun moving forward too as we do labels, bottles, packaging etc.

Do you find your creative work a spiritual experience? In what way?

My faith shapes my world view and my world view tends to influence my thinking and thus my design in various ways.

What tunes have you been hooked on lately?

I’ve been listening to a lot of 80’s hits lately. Stuff I use to listen too in art school. Huey Lewis and the News, Journey etc. I really like crooners too though like Frank Sinatra so I listen to those a lot too.

[NOTE: Check out (one of my favorite 90s girls) Petra Haden’s a capella “Don’t Stop Believin'” cover in the Strong Odors Spotify playlist.]

WIN!! Your very own copy of Von Gitschka’s Flourish.Banner.Frame

Von Glitschka has graciously offered up a copy of his book Flourish.Banner.Frame and you could win it!

This amazing resource contains 600 vector ornaments on DVD along with several real-life inspirational examples of use by top designers.

[UPDATE: Congratulations to Minneapolis designer Brandon Harrison for winning the giveaway!]

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