Old & New: Lot’s Wife

Lot’s Wife, my own design for Old & New Project was posted today. When Jim and I were sorting through our list of passages and assigning them to each designer (based on his/her favorite options), we each decided that we’d take whatever stories were left over.

We both lucked out and ended up with the passage we’d hoped for anyway!

I’m not sure why none of our contributing designers wanted to illustrate Lot’s wife, and I’m not exactly sure why I did want to do this passage… I just had a vision for it from the start and was excited I got to do this piece. I really enjoyed researching the story of the wife of lot turning to a pillar of salt while walking away from the destruction of Sodom and Gomorroah.

I hope to post some of my processes on the Old & New blog, but for now here are a couple close up detail images of Lot’s Wife that are difficult to see on the site. Click each for a larger preview.

Please buy a print! Proceeds are donated to Blood:Water Mission to help provide better access to safe water for those without.