Girl Talk: All Day

I’ve had perma-grin all week listening to this.

I’ve said before that I’m a sucker for collaborative music projects.

Mashups aren’t really collaboration, but combining all different genres of music into one track has the same kind of affect on me. Even though most mashups are pretty forgettable, they are almost always fun to begin with.

Girl Talk (aka Gregg Michael Gillis) however is anything but forgettable.

Where most mashups take a song by one artist and a song by another and combine them together, Girl Talk takes literally hundreds of samples from hundreds of artists (20 different songs sampled in just the first track of All Day) to create a musical collage that only someone really committed to his art (and really really skilled) could pull off. (check out this Wikipedia entry listing every artist & track sampled on the album)

If the music alone weren’t enough, Girl Talk secures his place of awesomeness by releasing his work as a free download from his record label’s website.


Three Reasons Girl Talk’s All Day is Irresistible

  1. It is a real album
    This thing is designed to hear in one listen. The tracks have names and you can skip from one to the next, but when you listen to the whole album straight through you can’t tell where one “song” ends and the next begins. I kind of think this is like a painting… and the way more pop albums should be (or maybe were before digital music came along)
  2. Surprise after surprise
    Just when you start to get in the groove and almost believe that Cream and Notorious B.I.G were always meant to be together (like chocolate and peanut butter) you’ve all-of-a-sudden moved into a Grand Funk Railroad-New Order-Birdman/Lil Wayne combination. You can’t help but smile when he brings in the stuff you’d never have imagined
  3. The ending
    You could skip ahead and just listen to the last track. But that would be like landing a helicoptor on Mt. Everest. Take the trek through this magical mystery tour and you’ll be rewarded in the end with something absolutely breathtaking.

Disclaimer: IfAll Day were legal enough to be sold in stores, it would definitely have an “Explicit Content” warning label. If you take a hundred lyrics from a hundred hip-hop tracks you can’t really avoid it being rated R.

Tell us what you think about All Day

Have you listened to this yet? What’s your favorite moment from the record?

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  1. I am diggin it. Can’t wait for the finish! Favorite moment? when he pulls out lil’ troy’s “baller-shot-caller” stuff.
    All I can say is:

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