Cecilie Ellefsen Illustration



Cecilie’s work basically dashes my dreams of ever working as an illustrator.

Her illustrations have Norwegian style for miles… love it.

She also has this exhibit right now called “In the Forest Deep” featuring some marvelous paper-and-plastic cut dioramas.

Her Etsy store is looking a little bare these days, but I’ve gotta say the few items she has are pretty fly.

The truth is that even though I feel a little inadequate as a designer when I come across work like this, it gives me hope—hope that there are people and business out there that are willing to take risks with their image and advertising—hope that weird stuff can and does sell—and hope that as an “artist” I can be myself, knowing that somewhere out there (maybe Norway) someone might be able to understand my work and connect with it somehow.

Thanks to Grain Edit for the introduction!