Bjork Illustration

Bjork illustration by Troy DeShano

illustration by Troy DeShano

For some reason I’ve never been really into Bjork.

I was totally obsessed with Dancer in the Dark when it came out and still claim it as my favorite of the few movie musicals that i actually like. (Though I rarely have the guts for anything such sad movies anymore)

Even though I haven’t been her #1 fan, I’ve been probably just as affected by her influence on music as I have been by the Beatles’.

For without Bjork there’d be no Sigur Ros, no Smashing Pumpkins, no Beck, no Ida Maria, no Jonsi, no Sufjan Stevens, no Arcade Fire, no Sleigh Bells, no Animal Collective, no Grizzly Bear, etc. etc. etc.

In fact if it weren’t for Bjork, 90% of the music featured on Strong Odors either wouldn’t exist or would have turned out something like this.

Perhaps more than other of her other torchbearers, Radiohead has been the one to not only impact me on (for fear of sounding cliche) a transcendent level, but also to carry her legacy far beyond what she was ever able.

I put this illo together for a “Favorite Dinner Guest” series on Illustration Rally, but I liked it so much that I’m also making it available as a set of limited edition prints in my shop.

If you’re a Bjork fan these are a definite must haveŚcome grab one today before they’re gone.