Trump, Jesus, Evangelicals

Go Ahead Evangelicals, Vote for Trump

I support the right of my evangelical friends and family to vote for a person like Donald Trump. If you share his values, support his policies, and believe he is somehow the most qualified person for the job, then please exercise your right and vote for your man.

But as someone who takes his Christian faith quite seriously, I’d like to ask one simple favor.

Giving Pigs the Bird

Apparently a guy named Robert Ekas is suing his local police department, claiming his multiple moving violations are bogus and only issued because he is (apparently) committed to giving the police the finger.

Who Really Cares About Haiti

I started paying attention to Wyclef Jean when I spotted Bob Dylan in one of his videos. I really started paying attention when I heard about his charity and social development programs in Haiti. Here is one man that cares about Haiti. He may not be great at business or with personal finances… His non-profit has definitely had some growing …

Jesus vs. the Democrats

I see it pretty regularly, but on mornings like today it becomes especially hard to bear. When Scott Brown took over Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat last night, half the nation cheered (and half the nation grimaced). I have no problem with that.