2017 Favorite Albums

Strong Odors Favorite Albums 2017

While last year my soundtrack was sadness, as I reflect on the music that stood out to me in 2017, it appears the theme has been conflict of faith. In a world where religion seems increasingly absurd, the voices calling it out publicly naked into the light to be examined, exposing the leprosy beneath… they are the ones that ring …

One Great Folk Song

One Great Folk Song To Save Them All

We need a song right now. Even a chorus might have the power to bring us all together. When fear and greed and self-preservation are our greatest values, everything and everyone “other” becomes either a commodity or a casualty. If we continue to shout and not hear, if we continue to exclude, if we continue to hate, if we continue …

Strong Odors Favorite Albums 2015

Strong Odors Favorite Albums 2015

I’m always totally impressed anyone can narrow down a list of annual favorite albums to just ten. I have done it myself, but most years I just list a bunch of favorites without much regard for how many actually are included (seventeen last year, twenty-one favs in 2013). So this year I challenged myself to refine the list to ten.