Denial illustration

Pretend it’s O.K.

Right now I’m waiting…

Waiting to hear from a big-shot doctor.

Waiting to find out test results.

Results that probably won’t say much at all…

But at least we’ll be able to move on to Step 1.

Problem with Step 1 is that it changes your life.

Waiting is waiting.

But at least when you’re merely waiting you can still pretend.

That everything is ok.

Kids go to school.

Feed the dogs.

Work on some junk and stuff.

Pretend everything’s ok.

When the waiting ends… everything changes.

[Update 2012: I’m still kickin!]

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  1. hang in there man. its been a crazy year for lots of us. you are strong and have all sorts of stuff on your side rooting for you. waiting is always the hardest for me.

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